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Lego Ideas Sturmpanzer

We are proud to announce the Lego Ideas Sturmpanzer project. The brainchild of renowned game designer and Lego master builder James Ernest, the set was first built on a whim by Mr. Ernest. Intrigued by the original miniature designed by Ted […]

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Happy Holidays!

  Everyone have a great holiday season filled with gaming, rivets, friends, family and maybe a movie…if there’s anything good playing (psst…star wars). Get in the fight!

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Christmas Truce Painting Contest!

Riveteers! Have some Rivets you’ve been itching to paint? Join CMON and Super Rocket Punch in our Christmas Truce Painting Contest! Contest Details Below: Through the week leading up to Christmas, parties of German and British soldiers began to exchange […]

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Massive Rivet Wars Games!

The Allies have fallen to the Blight at the Chattanooga Games Festival! It was great fun for all and the festival raised some money for the local children’s hospital. These pictures show just how enormous the Rivet Wars games were at […]

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Happy Holidays 2014!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Rivet Wars! May the new year be spent with good friends playing some great games and everyone enjoying themselves!

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Gencon 2014

Another great year at Gencon. It was fantastic to have the game at the show this year. We met lots of backers as well as new players. And we had the giant tank and mech. Here are some of the [...]
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Life-size Rivet Wars Tanks!

We’ll have a giant version of the Vert Tank at Gen Con this year. Stop by the Cool Mini Booth and get your picture taken piloting this 4 legged armored monster of war!

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Watch it Played talks Air Units with Ted

Take a look at this video where Ted and Rodney from Watch it Played discuss the air units for the Rivet Wars expansions. And be sure to check out other videos on the site. Video Links

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More Work in Progress Art

Here are some images of some works in progress. The Ruska Lancer and Ottoman Hero unit.  

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Work in Progress: Ottoman Tank A.P.C. Variant

Working on some new stuff. Give your infantry a little protection while getting them to the front!

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