Related Sites

The Thirsty Gamer – great write up on Rivet Wars: Eastern front!

Crits Happen – A great video review of Rivet Wars showing the minis and gameplay.


Cool Mini or Not Expo – A great event and a chance to play Rivet Wars with us!

Great Blogs

The D6 Generation – A great podcast with great interviews, reviews, news, discussions, etc.

Table Top Minions – A really well produced youtube channel with tons of great content. Subscribe.

James Wappell’s Blog – Amazing minis painter and a really great person. Check out his work.

Rob Hawkins Blog – great dioramas. Check out the Rivet Wars scene.

Cool Places to check out

Rivet Wars Forum on Toybreak – this is where Rivet Wars really started.

Rivet Wars Wiki Page – rivet wars wiki page. lots of neat info.

Steamcrow Posters – some great poster art.

Tanks and Trolls – some awesome RC tanks and miniatures painting.

Cool Stuff you can buy

Old Rivet Wars Zazzle Store – Pic up some older items like a Rivet Wars mug, plate or mousepad!

Ryno Motors – get your own monowheel. It only goes 10 MPH but it’s still pretty cool.

Monovelo – get your own monowheel but this one is pedal powered.