The Great War

The once beautiful world of Rivet has been wrecked by decades of war. Years of bombing, gassing, and stripping natural resources has taken its toll, turning pastures into muddy, cratered no-man’s lands, and blackening the skies with soot and the stench of factory smoke.

But the war rages on. With resources focused on feeding each nation’s war machine, technology has stagnated to a post-industrial level. Machine guns and primitive armored vehicles have been introduced without replacing the old ways and it’s not uncommon to see a cavalry charge of heavy horses led by an 80 ton six legged dreadnought. Steam power is still widely accepted while other forces employ electricity, diesel, or horse.

The feuding nations of Rivet have woven and rent asunder their alliances.

At the center of this conflict two dominant and opposed nations stand out: the Imperial Blightun Empire, a monarchy driven by the Mad Archduke and his uncle, the Kaiser; and the Independent Allied States, a collection of nations fighting for their freedom.

Ruling through fear and brutality, the Blight see this conflict as a chance to capture more lands and resources, and they will employ any means, even poison gas attacks, to succeed. The Allies, on the other hand, see the Blightun as a direct threat to their sovereignty and struggle to maintain their independence. Meanwhile, still other factions are fighting for any scraps they can find. National borders are in flux and treaties – and fortunes – rise and fall daily. Now is the time for brave soldiers to GET IN THE FIGHT!