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Stug Production in Progress

The Maybach plants are cranking up their production of the Quad Stug Aus F.  They hope to start shipping finished units to the blighter front in 2 weeks.  There have been delays with the Porsche suspension and quality control issues […]

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Vector Art Stug

I finished a vectored version of the Stug.  I made this to use on the stat card for the toy.  I’d love to see a cartoon show with these little guys. And a pic of the Stug with the guys […]

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Stug is Done!

I made a casting of the complete Quad Stug toy.  I still have a few bugs to work out with the molds but all in all it’s done!  I’m pretty happy with how it came out.  Here are some pics […]

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Stug 1st Test Casting

Tonight I did a test casting of the Quad Stug.  I couldn’t wait.  The other day, when making the molds, the 3D print collapsed in the pressure pot from a structural failure in the material.  This smashed up the model, […]

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Prepping the Quad Stug

Today I’m sanding and prepping the Quad Stug.  I’m going to see if I can’t get the molds done this weekend and start casting next week.  This toy has been waiting to be made long enough.  

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Quad Stug print arrived today!

I received the 3D print of the Blighter Quad Stug today.  It is insane!  It is so big.  It dwarfs the vert tank.  I took some pics of it next to the scale allied grunt.  I have to get some […]

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Blighter Quad Stug is off to the printers!

I felt like the Stug model was finished up so I sent it off to be printed.  This is a much bigger model than the vert tank.  The legs will be cast as separate parts from the body.  This is […]

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Stug Progress

Did some more work on the Blighter Stug last night.  Thought I’d take a break and do a quick post.  I am starting to love the leg detail with the rivets and springs.  Let me know what you think. The […]

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