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What does a female Rivet look like?

Everyone can stop asking.  I recently finished a commission of a female Rivet tank commander taking a smoke break outside her tank.  You’ll note that she is a member of an elite unit of sniper vert tanks tasked with disrupting […]

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Custom Paint

Adam over at halfbad toyz has added a really really detailed paint job to the custom.  This is just crazy when you think of how small this is.  Incredible skill at work here.  Oh, and it’s not done

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Mean Green!

Playing around with some colors.  Fun stuff.  Hopefully soon I’ll have some of these up for sale in the store. So far things are good but I’ve had some air bubbles and I think it’s because the resin is setting […]

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My 3D prints have come in!

They just came in the mail and I took some pictures.  This is so exciting.  Next will be making a mold and then casting some resin toys!  Take a look at all the detail.  Just amazing.

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Making a toy?

I got some more work done on the vertical tank model and decided to submit it to a website that makes prototypes.  The model will be made of a high detail plastic and the final should only be about 55mm […]

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3d model of vert tank

Tried making a quick model of the vert tank to play around with proportions and to get a feel of what it was like as a dimensional object.

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