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Quad Stug print arrived today!

I received the 3D print of the Blighter Quad Stug today.  It is insane!  It is so big.  It dwarfs the vert tank.  I took some pics of it next to the scale allied grunt.  I have to get some […]

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Allied Grunt Prototype are in!

I just received the prints for the Allied Grunt.  I decided to make one toy at the scale of the vert tank and a second “hero model” in a bigger scale.  I just thought it’d be cool to have a […]

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Sculptor, Ralph Niese, shows us his vision of Rivet!

Ralph Niese is an AMAZING sculptor, and you can see it in these pictures.  He thought Rivet Wars seemed like an interesting project so he did this sculpt, just for fun, in one hour.  In one hour!  Look how small […]

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Model of Grunt W.I.P.

I got a first pass of the grunt done.  I REALLY like how this feels.  Boxy and squat but kind of cute.  This looks like it’d make a great toy.  I had to put a couple of them in a […]

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