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Rivet Land Battleship/Carrier

I’ve always been fascinated with land based battleships.  The idea of a GIANT tank that is pretty much just a battleship with tracks sounds so cool.  So I was watching starblazers the other day and that got me sketching some […]

Stug Progress

Did some more work on the Blighter Stug last night.  Thought I’d take a break and do a quick post.  I am starting to love the leg detail with the rivets and springs.  Let me know what you think. The […]

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My 3D prints have come in!

They just came in the mail and I took some pictures.  This is so exciting.  Next will be making a mold and then casting some resin toys!  Take a look at all the detail.  Just amazing.

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Model of Grunt W.I.P.

I got a first pass of the grunt done.  I REALLY like how this feels.  Boxy and squat but kind of cute.  This looks like it’d make a great toy.  I had to put a couple of them in a […]

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Making a toy?

I got some more work done on the vertical tank model and decided to submit it to a website that makes prototypes.  The model will be made of a high detail plastic and the final should only be about 55mm […]

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3d model of vert tank

Tried making a quick model of the vert tank to play around with proportions and to get a feel of what it was like as a dimensional object.

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