Here is a link to Rivet Wars: Armies! This is a beta release. Early in development but we think it’s pretty fun and the plan has always been to release this often with new updates and to grow the system.

We will guide the development based on these goals:

-Give players a way to play a game with huge numbers of minis
-Allow players to use any of those great custom game tables they have
-Stay true to the feel of Rivet Wars the board game
-Allow players to have fun creating armies before a game starts
-Look for opportunities for players to add customization to units, squads, weapons etc.

We hope you enjoy this. Let us know what you think. This really came about because of all the kickstarter backers and the great community that has grown up around the game. 
Special thanks to everyone who has helped with this especially Crazyjuan, Tauwolf, Pepe, Pod and Mr. Black. Now get in the fight!…ules_test1.pdf

Rivet Wars Logo Armies