IMG_4875_web Do my eyes deceive me? Are those Rivets moving about on a tabletop without a grided tile to guide them? How can this be?

It’s true. We’ve been diving into the tabletop rules. During the kickstarter campaign the idea was thrown about to create some tabletop rules for Rivet Wars. Although designed as a board game we all thought tabletop rules made a lot of sense. Seeing as how well the minis were coming out we felt it’d be fun to mix things up and play with all your troops massed out on a table, especially if you had a nice tabletop already detailed out for other games.

To move forward with this plan we realized there’d be a lot of work but we wanted to make this happen in a timely manner so we decided to attack the challenge in a two phase plane. Phase I is designed to create rules that use the same stats as the board game


and don’t add a lot more complexity to the game. We also wanted to retain much of the game feel. But there will be some differences like being able to build an army that your bring to the table and terrain providing cover as well as affecting troop movement beyond the duckboards.

Phase II would be a much more complex system. But we may find that as Phase I grows and changes over time we may no longer need a phase II.

So we just wanted to let you all know that we are working away on this. This won’t distract us from our other plans but we think it’s an important aspect we want to explore with the community and it’s really fun to just cut loose your monowheels across a tabletop. We hope you guys find this as exciting as we do. It’s just another way to Get in the Fight!