DSC_0353DSC_0354I’ve always hated having the tiles for my game slide around. We always seem to play on a wooden table and the Rivet Wars, Zombicide, etc. tiles sometimes will move or shift. The other day I was in Target with the family and spotted something called a non-adhesive grip liner. It’s sort of a shelf liner that cushions dishes and other things. Well it looks like it’d work great under tiles so I bought the thinnest type they had and when I got home I cut it into shorter lengths. Then I just laid it out and put the tiles on top. I was really happy with the result. No sliding, shifting or spinning. And when you’re done it rolls right up plus it only cost around $2 for a roll. Might be worth picking up.

DSC_0358And folks have been talking about stand-in terrain or something to use as an alternate to getting the RW Terrain Pack. I took some pics of some Rivets set up with some green army men type stuff and it works really well. The green army men were a big inspiration for making Rivet Wars so I think there’s something really appealing about

seeing them together on the battlefield. This all brings me back to my memories of those old Warhammer books where they’d teach you how to make terrain for your games.