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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Rivet Wars!

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Grunt 2-Packs are coming.

I might give these away to trick or treaters instead of candy!  Look at all those little guys.  These boys aren’t ready for frontline duty yet, but once they get done with basic training they’ll be wrapped up and ready […]

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Interview on TruTek

Niall just posted an inteview with me over on TruTek.  He asked me about NYCC, my influences and where Rivet Wars is headed.  I typed some long answer so if you’re in the mood to do some reading take a […]

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Stat Card Sketches

If you ordered a Vert Tank back when I first started making the Rivet toys then you received a little sketch on the back of the stats card.  I scanned some of them before sending them out and I thought […]

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NYCC 2011 Exclusives on sale!

I just put the few toys leftover from NY Comic Con 2011 up for sale in the shop.  There aren’t that many left so they might go fast.  Taxicab yellow grunts and allied grunts.  If you missed out, no worries, […]

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Vert Tank Walker by Adam Pratt

Awesome custom vert walker by Adam Pratt.Adam Pratt Art “The Walker Variant of the Vert Tank was first produced by troops in the Tungascar Highlands.  Because of the extremely rocky terrain the Vert Tanks, with their tracks, were not mobile […]

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New York Comic Con 2011

Wow!  My first New York Comic Con is finished.  It was a great time. Got to meet George from Toybreak, Matt of Onell Toys, Steve of Sketchbot, and The Sucklord!  Also met up with Darrin, Jared, Connor, Roger, Steve and […]

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Taxicab Yellow Grunt – NYCC 2011

I am in the “factory” now making an exclusive drop of taxicab yellow grunts for the 2011 New York Comic-Con.  I’ll be walking around the show Friday and Saturday.  Any grunts that I don’t sell or trade at the show […]

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Scaled allied grunt rolling out!

I finished  a mold for the new allied grunt figure and made a casting. This figure is in scale to the vert tank and the quad stug.  It looks really nice.  The detail was meant for this scale and it […]

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Painted Grunt by Adam Pratt

Artist Adam Pratt has done an amazing paint job on one of the large allied grunts.  He really knows how to give any figure he touches a sense of life and realism.  So inspiring to see things like this.  Adam […]

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