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New Reference Book

I’m addicted to buying art and reference books and  I just got another called Uniforms of WWI.  It has tons of illustrations and pictures.  I wish there were more photos because sometimes details are lost in the artist’s interpretation, but […]

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Rivet Land Battleship/Carrier

I’ve always been fascinated with land based battleships.  The idea of a GIANT tank that is pretty much just a battleship with tracks sounds so cool.  So I was watching starblazers the other day and that got me sketching some […]

Tattoo avec rivets

There are some rivets in this image so I thought this might be interesting to some Rivet Wars followers My friend finally got a tattoo of a piece of art I drew for him.  The tattoo artist did an amazing […]

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Vert Tank Cross-Section

This is still a Work in Progress, but I’m really liking how it’s coming along.  Tons of rendering and detailing to be done.  It’s got the feel of those tank cut-throughs that I love so much.  I’m going to make […]

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Blighter Quad Stug is off to the printers!

I felt like the Stug model was finished up so I sent it off to be printed.  This is a much bigger model than the vert tank.  The legs will be cast as separate parts from the body.  This is […]

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Rivet Wars Painting hanging in the Toybreak studio!

So I was watching episode 183 of Toybreak today and I noticed that there was something familiar hanging on the wall.  Then I realized it was the watercolor that I had sent to George and Ayleen.  How cool is that?!?! […]

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New Watercolors in Progress

I’ve been working on these for a few days.  Just doing a little here and there when I get time.  One of the things I love about doing the watercolors is that I can draw and paint in any room […]

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Rivet Wars Issue #1

I thought this might make for some good Monday morning reading.  The first issue of Rivet Wars the comic!  Hope you all like it.

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Stug Progress

Did some more work on the Blighter Stug last night.  Thought I’d take a break and do a quick post.  I am starting to love the leg detail with the rivets and springs.  Let me know what you think. The […]

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Rivet Trench Raider

Here is an idea I had for a cool Blighter unit.  It’s a Trench Raider.  A sort of crazy unit that under the cover of darkness will sneak over to the allied trenches and then just start throwing grenades around, […]

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