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Ship out!

Today I dropped off all the orders.  It was fun telling the lady at our post office that I had made some custom toys and that’s what I was mailing out.  It felt good to send them on their way. […]

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Production is chugging along.

Almost have all the orders done.  Just some finish work and bagging.  I’m not looking forward to the shipping part, but I’m excited knowing that it’s that much closer to having them in everyone’s hands.  Thanks again for all the […]

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In the NEWS!

“That Figures” has a news article about rivetwars and the new toys!  Thanks guys!  Pretty cool. Also Adam put up a blog post about the toys on his blog Halfbad Toyz!  Thanks Adam!

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Toys for Sale!

I pulled the trigger.  You can now get your very own Vert Tank toy in the rivet shop.  Head over to the site and check it out.  Thanks for all the support everyone!

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