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Blighter Quad Stug Medium Tank – WIP

Last night I did some sketching and 3d modeling of a vehicle that had been rolling around in my head for a long time. I’m a huge fan of the walking tanks from ghost in the shell and other anime […]

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50mm Allied Grunt Casting Success!

I made a mold of the 50mm Allied Grunt and successfully cast it!  The mold was pretty tough to make because of the gun and the shape of the character, but it all worked out.  I also received some new […]

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Rivet Wars in "RESIN SUX" art show

Some vert tanks are currently appearing in the “Resin Sux” art show in Mesa Arizona.  The show opened August 12th and I think it’s running for a few weeks.  Both of the pieces I submitted to the show sold on […]

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Allied Grunt Prototype are in!

I just received the prints for the Allied Grunt.  I decided to make one toy at the scale of the vert tank and a second “hero model” in a bigger scale.  I just thought it’d be cool to have a […]

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Sculptor, Ralph Niese, shows us his vision of Rivet!

Ralph Niese is an AMAZING sculptor, and you can see it in these pictures.  He thought Rivet Wars seemed like an interesting project so he did this sculpt, just for fun, in one hour.  In one hour!  Look how small […]

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What does a female Rivet look like?

Everyone can stop asking.  I recently finished a commission of a female Rivet tank commander taking a smoke break outside her tank.  You’ll note that she is a member of an elite unit of sniper vert tanks tasked with disrupting […]

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Custom Paint

Adam over at halfbad toyz has added a really really detailed paint job to the custom.  This is just crazy when you think of how small this is.  Incredible skill at work here.  Oh, and it’s not done

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Awesome Custom!

Adam over at halfbad toyz is doing an amazing custom of a vert tank.  Go check out his amazing work.

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Personal 3D printer with decent resolution

Not sure if this will ever get made but this guy’s test prints are looking awesome.  Says the printer’ll be under $1000.  Pretty cool.

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