MonoWheel Painting Done!

I finished up the painting on Saturday then put it in a cool old style frame.  I think that adds a bit to the image.  I’d love to mess around with making or modifying frames to have more of a […]

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More Monowheel Painting: W.I.P.

Did some more painting of the Rivet War Monowheel.  I’m having fun trying some different techniques.  I really need to buy some new brushes and some better paints.

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Mono-Wheel Under Painting for Oils

I’m doing an oil painting of the mono-wheel design.  I took a smaller sketch, grided it up and transfered that onto a board.  It’s about 11×14.  I’m going to try and pull off my best “Ashley Wood” style.  Looking for […]

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Commission for the holidays

I just finished up a commission that I had a ton of fun painting.  It’s a surprise holiday gift for a photographer.  I was really lucky when approached for the commission because I was allowed to just do whatever.  It’s […]

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I did some rough sketches of some insignia. This should help with making toys look cooler as well as any paintings. I’m trying to fill out the world a little more. I need to make a finalized map

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Ride out Cavalry!

I did some fun design sketches this weekend. My last few sketches have been a little hi-tech so I’m pushing back toward the WWI/steampunkish feel. I REALLY need to give rivets a cavalry unit and heavy infantry unit. So many […]

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Rivet Wars on Spanky Stoke!

John over at did a great write up for Rivet Wars.  I think of his site as one of the premiere sites for toys and art so it is really exciting to see Rivet Wars mentioned.  He also calls […]

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Army of Two

Allied Grunt 2-Packs go on sale Wednesday night.  Two 35mm allied grunts per package.  Stats card included.  Get in the fight! Check out the scale and detail.  

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Water Coloring

I started laying in some color on these drawings.  I’m having a lot of fun with these so far.  Doing some complimentary color stuff.  Also trying to use some rich purples and blues in the shadows.  Watercolors are so forgiving […]

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